New Socks, and an hour well spent.

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Everyday you get to wake up and inspire even if you’re only inspiring yourself! I woke up this morning at felt fantastic! Finally a whole night of sleep, I had some sort of flu or but and it was just terrible had to sleep sitting up for the past week. I’m no doctor so probably should have went to one. I’m perfectly find though! Today like most day was another one of those long,drawn out, corporate days, where you are just itching at getting out of the door! I recently finished reading a blogger that I follow that writes Run100Miles¬†his name is Christian Griffith. Check him out! Dude seriously puts on a great show with his race reports and lifestyle that he chooses. I really enjoy reading about his experiences, I’ve recently plugged away with the idea that I’m going to complete and Ultra Marathon this year. My reasons for doing it may be a little different than others reasons but who knows maybe not. Here is the secret I have told only one person until now:

“I am not sure I came complete one and that’s what drives me to want to do one, I know I can complete every kinda of race under 50 miles but after that I have no idea what would happen given tricks time limits and what not.”

While in the Marines years ago, I did some very long distance runs. I’ve been our for six years now and have gotten away from my strict workout regiment. But I’m back at it now! I’ve got a very disciplined and well thought out plan for my training. Besides all that though I am running off pure motivation of fear of the unknown. Re-educating myself on the theories of running and nutrition. These things matter, I’ve read just about every on-line article about Ultras, I know I know reading and doing are different. Mark Twain would agree with that for sure. As you can see below! My cube keeps me pretty confined throughout the day!

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After work I stopped by the store and got some new socks! I know it’s hard to imagine buying new socks being that exciting but I was so tired of my old ones and the blisters I seemed create with them. And honestly these things were great! I am cheap and buy my socks from TJ Maxx only $10 for Six Excellent Quality PAIRS!!!! The come with some pretty sweet looking strips, that doesn’t really matter but hey I like them. My feet felt dry and happy throughout the entire run even after a few puddles and some mudd. I also learned that you’re supposed to wash socks inside out… Might sound silly but I never really thought it mattered turns out they can last longer and why would you not want to wash the inside of them anyway.


Here is my run from today, I just filled out the route and boom! Had no idea how far I had run at all just new I was running for one hour straight up and down hills. I love the saying the trail is where ever your door is, although the trail is the road here for the most part unless we head out to Lake Evergreen or a golf course. Ewing park off of Jersey Avenue has some really great hills for workout! So if you read this and didn’t know awesome! One things I’ve always been obsessed with when running is Hills for some reason I love them. Every time I’ve been somewhere up hill or a mountain for instant its like a whole new kind of happiness. But who knows perhaps I’ve got issues! ūüôā

31215 run

Well folks until the next time! I’ll leave you with our curious dog with the close.image

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Spring in your step!

We started out day off great today! We walked into the Hy-Vee that just opened in town… aka the new grocery store with dry cleaning, a nutritionist, and beer in the same 50 meters of each other. Instantly felt like I walked into a game show we just won. Quinn is pretty much the sweetest person on earth and if you want to check her cool digs out I mean her blog.¬†You can read all about it and the adventures we have in the kitchen and outside of it.

This Quote reminds me of the picture below off of Highway 1 in California about a mile away form the Bixby Bridge. Abstract thoughts of course ūüôā

‚ÄúThere are basically two types of people. People who accomplish things and people who¬†claim to have accomplished things. The first group is less crowded.‚ÄĚ

-Mark Twain

Quinn and Jerrod California-1-21

This was a brutally cold winter compared to where we were last year. Of course Quinn was in California, and I was in South Texas working on Live Oak Ranch near Uvalde.

We got a treat the past few days of being able to get out and run! I’d just like to share some of my run you know mapping it out. I’m getting my base fitness to solid approach area again I’ve slimmed down my choices of my first 50 mile ultra to choose and here is the following list!

Well they won’t be here…¬†¬†Although I’d really enjoy sponsoring a race here! There are certainly plenty of miles of trails way over 50…Follow USAL Beach North to the Lost Coast in Northern California unforgettable trip! Made new great friends here Doug and Abby are two of the coolest people on the planet! Oh and this is where we got our dog Massey!Quinn and Jerrod California-1-17

Now that I’m back in the world of flatlanders. Two Forest vs Illinois… Illinois lost in my decision making. I’ll take my time picking between Missouri and Michigan though, I’ve got to study the trails a bit more and see what fits my first time experience. This is after all a race against myself, not so much everyone else running in it.

  1. Missouri has some of the most beautiful single track trails and I’d like my first to possible be here… The Mark Twain Endurance Races- ¬†September 19-20th 2015,¬†
  2. The Hennepin Hundred in Sterling Illinois brand spankin new race, but I’m really not sure if I want to run so flat. September 12th 2015 Not sure if I’m even excited about this one at all.¬†¬†
  3. The Hungerford Games Trail Races – September 26th 50 miler through¬†Michigan’s Manistee National Forest.

That’s it for tonight folks. I’ll be back in a few days with some updates on how things are going yall take it easy! Insert super cute puppy photo.

Quinn and Jerrod California-1-9

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